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New Ver: May have fixed chat.

Come on in and hang out, kill some cat monsters, craft a cape and chat with the other cats in this small scale MMO I made for Ludum dare 38: Theme: A small world.

Note: Apparently (as can be expected with a networked game made in 72 hours) there are substantial bugbears. When you die you die twice, for some reason, despite that not being a problem originally when I tested it. In addition, it seems as though the chat broke from people disconnecting, or something. I can see everything people type, but the clients chat is not updated.

I may fix these things at some point but I am tired; feel free to stop by and level and gear up.


CardboardCatsOnline.zip 16 MB
CardboardCatsOnlineMac.zip 19 MB
CardboardCatsOnlineLin.zip 19 MB


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Hopefully Ilseroth sees these comment messages! The game looks really cool and I'd love to be able to play. Is it possible to either turn on the server again or give us the server to download and host our own?

I couldn't find it on ldjam.com anymore so I'll leave my feedback here instead :) It is amazing that you were able to make an mmo in a weekend. Awsome game you made, I played it all the way throught and it was quite fun. The theme is really funny. What I didn't like is that, you are unable to heal yourself, so in order to heal, you have to die, wich is kinda sad. And also, I loved the spitting enemy because you can, with some skill, dodge his attacks, but I did not like the lower spiky ones since you basically have no chance of avoiding his attacks. I would make his attacks have a bit more, anticipation. Something that let the player know that he's going to attack and he should get out of the way.

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Restarted the server to be safe, and my testers say it's fine and up, not sure what's goin on

Keep trying to play but server is offline :(