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This game was made for Ludum Dare 32 on the theme of "Unconventional Weapons."

Starring a gentlemanly spy, you must make your way through the embassy and find the crucial intelligence; and any extra on the way. However there is a frankly rediculous number of guard. Use your wits (and their lack thereof) to make you way to victory.

As this is Ludum Dare (Comp) I only had 48 Hours, so there is only one level but I have all the bits necessary to make more, if there's demand for it. Honestly it was the topic I least wanted to cover, but I think I managed to spin it into something I like and wouldn't mind working on some more.

Install instructions

Simply extract the EXE and data folder into the same location; should work fine.


Umbrellespionage.zip 12 MB
UmbrellespionageMac.zip 15 MB
UmbrellespionageLinux.zip 15 MB